Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Personal Assistance Do You Offer & To Whom?

Personal assistance is offered to absolutely everybody, whether you are our patient or just shopping for something specific. Come In to our pharmacy and feel right at home because we will definitely help you, we don’t want you to leave unsatisfied or have your requests unfulfilled. You could Email us, Fax us and/or Call us, and let us be your helping hand.

How are your prices on over-the-counter products compared to your “competitors”?

At The Take Care Pharmacy, we will meet or beat our competitor’s prices on most medications. Just let us know and provide the proof for it; we will either match the price or offer you even bigger savings! We honor & reward “Smart Shoppers”! You can call ahead and your medication will be ready when you come in. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can order it and have it the very next day in most cases.

I don’t have any insurance coverage for my prescription medications, what do you have to offer to me and/or my family?

We offer the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, GUARANTEED! We have very affordable prices for people without coverage, and it definitely won’t feel so frightening & crazy to pay for your medications. Remember we are here for you & always want to help. We are very understanding & accommodating. Do not hesitate to Call Us at 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 and feel free to ask us for a Quote!

Do I need to schedule an appointment for my FREE Consultation with the Pharmacist?

Of course Not! Just Feel Free to come in and speak to our Pharmacist during our normal business hours!

Aren’t Mail-Order Pharmacy prices cheaper than Take Care Pharmacy, Inc?

Most of the time, Mail-Order Pharmacies are NOT cheaper than us! Feel Free to give us a call & find out what we have to offer to you & your loved ones! 98% of the time we MATCH OR BEAT Mail-Order Pharmacy Prices. Just Give Us A Call Today!

What kind of health insurance plans do you NOT Accept?

We accept ALL Major Insurance Plans including Medicaid & Medicare Parts B & D. Feel free to Call Us and inquire about your specific Insurance plan. We will be happy to help you!

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards? Flex Spending Cards?

We Accept ALL Major Credit/Debit Cards and Flex Spending Cards. If you are unsure about your specific Credit/Debit Card and/or Flex Spending Card, Just Dial 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 and Ask.

If I needed to get some kind of a Medical Equipment and/or Surgical Supply, What Do I need to do?

All you need to do is have a valid prescription for whatever equipment you need, Call Us, 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739, So we could order It for you, specifically, then you’ll just come in to Pick It Up Or have it Delivered Right To Your Door!

How long do I Have to wait for my prescription to get filled?

If you are a new patient, it will take only 10minutes or less because we will just need to take all of your necessary information and put it in our system. If you are an existing patient waiting for a refill or bringing in a new prescription, It will not exceed more than 5 minutes because we already have all your Insurance information and history. We like to work fast & efficiently without having to make you wait.

How can I make you my local pharmacy, and transfer my prescriptions?

You’re Always Welcome! Transferring your prescriptions is easy With Us! All you need to do is bring in your old medication bottles with the label and Insurance Card(s) or visit www. and fill the form and submit. We will take care of the rest on the spot.

What is your policy with FREE Pick up & FREE Delivery?

We Offer FREE Prescriptions Pick Up Service. We could come to you anywhere, to get your prescriptions. Whether it being to your home, friend’s/relatives Home, office/work, and/or doctor’s office. Our delivery personnel will gladly get your prescriptions from you, take it back to our pharmacy, we will fill it for you and deliver it back to you if you’d like

Just give us a call & we know what works best for you. FREE Delivery is NOT ONLY For Prescriptions, But Also for Over-The-Counter Products. Once you call us, let us know what you want to purchase, we’ll bill your credit card, and when you are delivered, you’ll just sign your receipt and we’re good to go!

I am a Doctor, & Have Patients Interested In Working With You & Using You For Their Prescription Service, Is There Anything I Need To Know?

Our Pharmacy Accepts & Participates in Electronic-Prescription Service via Sure Scripts. You could E-Prescribe to Our Pharmacy Conveniently and/or Just Fax Us to 908-351-5705 your patient’s prescription(s) and we will take care of the rest. We could pick up your patients prescriptions in your office/clinic and/or Infirmary. We could even pick up your patient’s prescriptions at their home or anywhere else. We’d love to serve you & your patients any & every time!

When do you offer your Copy, fax, Western Union Money Transfer and/or Notary Public Service?

We are here for you Monday through Friday 9am-7pm, and Saturday from 9am-5pm. Come in any time during our business hours without having to call and schedule for anything.

What kind of medications do you ALWAYS have in stock?

We are a full service pharmacy & almost always have most medications that you and/or your loved ones may need at all times. We have a delivery all Day. For whatever reason we are out of stock of some specific medication, We could have it for you either for same day or next day, delivered to your home if you do not wish to pick it up yourself. We have a full stock of ALL Cancer, Fertility, HIV/AIDS, Transplant, Diabetes, Hepatitis & Other Medications AT ALL TIMES. If you want to inquire before you come, Give Us a Call at 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 and/or Just Email Us at . We’ll respond promptly & shortly. You won’t have any problem(s) With Us.

I am looking for a specific brand name item/specialty item, could you get it for me?

Of Course!!! Please Give Us a Call & Ask for anything and everything you may need. We’ll find it for you & have it the same or next day. Certain exceptions may apply. Regardless, we are here for you, & Insist on taking your entire burden onto our shoulders. We’re a team aimed to Win!

Does Take Care Pharmacy, Inc. Provide compounding services?

Yes, Please Call Us at 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 to learn more about our compounding services.

I have moved and now have a new doctor and phone number. I am also now aware of a new allergy that I have. How can I update my information on file at Take Care Pharmacy?

It is very important that we keep information like this up-to-date on your file at Community Pharmacy. Whenever something changes, please give us a call at 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 or email to

I would like to take in a list of my medications to my doctor, tax person, or send it off to my insurance company. Can I get that from Take Care Pharmacy?

Absolutely! We print customer profiles all the time for personal use, insurance requirements, tax reimbursements, or to take to your doctor. Just give us a call at 908-351-5768, 908-351-5739 and ask for a print-off for your medications and we will be happy to get that right away for you. We can even mail it to you, if needed.

Can I pay for my medicine over the phone with a credit card?

Yes, we will be happy to take your payment over the phone using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover etc. And, if you would like us to save your credit card information on our computer for your next purchase, we can do that as well.